Monday, March 17, 2008


As anyone who was out at the barn on Sunday knows, it was crazy. Even with everything that had happened during the week we still managed to pull off the Keno schooling show without a hitch (sans taking a spontaneous lunch break so that one individual who slept in could get her horse ready). Amongst the chaos that was the show, there was media and volunteers galore. Many former Keno kids came out to give the horses some much needed love.
It is very evident that some of the kids don't understand the scope of what is going on. One girl walked right into the stall of one of the Rescue studs to take the bucket out, and proceeded to go put it in her locker touching all her Keno horse stuff. When told by a staff member that she had to bleach her bucket and change her clothes, she questioned as to why. Thank goodness for the show so Susan could make it clear to everyone what the rules were.

Many people have been posting pictures on the Facebook page which is awesome. I know Nick and Lorraine are trying to get the new website up and running, but there is so much else going on.
Saturday night one of the studs managed to break the automatic waterer off of his wall. Was Kelvin ever thrilled to come in on Sunday (his day off) to fix it.

I've been at work all day and am very much looking forward to going out to see the horses...

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