Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 4

So this morning as I was leaving the barn to head off to work I drove past the pastures slowly to take a look at the horses. Something looked odd to me. The horses looked larger than they had the evening before, and for some reason there were less of them in the first field. Sure enough the gate was open. I know for sure I had locked it with the carabeener. I walked over and took a look, sure enough they had broke through the gate during the night. Stinkers... well wish I could stay and help today. Hope Lorraine and Jen have fun sorting them out. Maybe I'll get them to write about their adventure.

Rescue 100


louisa said...

i cannot express how proud and amazed i am by you all. i a local rider at a barn in parkland.
i will be calling to offer my help. unfortunately i am off to the uk for 10 days next week but when i land back here i will be in touch and offering any help u need!!! also will be donating money at the tack sale in stony on saturday
keep it up guys !! you are a credit to the horse world and humaity in general!! so damn proud of you all!!x

jc said...

You are wonderful...I'm so glad that there was someone able to help these horses!

I live in Calgary so unfortunately I was only able to contribute financially.

Keep up the great work!