Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 1: A Decision Is Made

The whirlwind day began early for Susan. Although there was much talk at the previous nights lesson, decisions had to be made.

8 am came quite quickly and at that very moment Susan made her first phone call of the day. She had spoken with the SPCA the evening before and preperations had to be done for their arrival at the barn for the inspection.As the word got out, the phone was ringing off the hook. Lorraine sat answering the e-mails all day after having spent the morning hurriedly cleaning barns. Rescue 100 was taking shape.

Around noon, I got the word via e-mail that Keno had been approved as a temporary caretaking facility to rehabilitate the horses until they were healthy enough to be placed.A quick news interview and Susan was back up at her house answering phones. Calls were pouring in from across not only the country but the continent, people wanting to donate money, time, and supplies. At one point I called Sue and throughout the whole conversation could hear the other line clicking.

Down at the barn there was a feeling of anxiousness. Some people knew what was about to happen, while others simply walked around in wonder. All the barn kids kept asking questions "When are the horses going to get here, who gets to work with them...". They're world is going to be turned upside down when they actually see the horses first hand.

Organization is going to be key at this time, and we have so many people who are involved it is wonderful. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped out so far. The bank account should be up and running Wednesday morning thanks to Susan and Barb Prowse. Information with regards to donations can be found on the website Rescue 100 Everything is set up for tomorrow, tons of horse experienced people, along with the veterinarians to help assess the horses. We need to be realistic at this time and know that not all of the ones coming are going to make it, they are in pretty rough shape.

Susan's last phone call was at approximately 10:30pm, while Erika and I sat there having tea and hot chocolate with her, discussing the events of the day.
Day 2 is going to be a big day...

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