Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 3

Two of us spent the night on observation. One mare was in pretty rough shape, so she was our main concern. Sweetest little grey mare, it was so sad to see her in that condition. Morning came earlier than expected, chores needed to be done and there are "several" more mouths to go out and feed.
We need to change our foot wear and clothes anytime we are going between the rescue horses and our own. My horse looks so sad with his cage up, he always gives me the "Please let me out mom".
As the day went on the activity grew. The mares condition was deteriorating and so the vet felt it best to put her down. I'm glad she's in a better place but it's sad that it had to end up this way.
Susan had a press conference in the afternoon, and much of the afternoon for myself was spent replying to e-mails. Since Tuesday evening there had been 212.

Lorraine was quite busy, they spent the afternoon delousing the stallions that were inside, and sanitizing equpiment and stalls. If anyone has spare pitchforks and shovels they would be appreciated so that we can have separate tools for the Rescue 100 horses that are in stalls.

Another surprise, we had originally been told there were 4-5 studs in the herd. Upon arrival they found 10, and then yesterday there were 4 more found mixed in with the herd.
Two managed to be round up, one won't let us near him. The other Melissa and I found on our night walk through and made note of it.
Well I'm back to regular work tomorrow, but Saturday is volunteer orientation day!

Rescue 100

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