Monday, May 5, 2008

UPDATE: Fundraisers, Babies, and more...

So I know it's been awhile since the last post, spring is always a crazy time. Show season is upon us, and everyone is busy prepping.

The horses continue to improve, and volunteers continue to donate their time to this amazing cause.
Slipperfoot (grey mare with the horribly overgrown feet) has latched onto her bud Sugarfoot (Mini-dude), everytime I drive by the field they are inseperable. As many of you I'm sure have seen on Facebook, she can now run and play like a normal horse.

We have had three rescue foals born so far, the last one we spoke about has been named Polly. A special request by a gentleman who wished her to be named after his wife. The other two I'm sure have been given nicknames already. Two of the mares and their babies were recently moved out of the barn and up into the outdoor arena, giving us room for the other mares who are I'm sure close to popping.

The stallions that had been kept in the stalls have now been moved to their own pens outside, the grey one spent almost half a day playing in his pen, glad I'm sure to be able to once again feel the sunshine.

There was as many of you in the area I'm sure experienced, a "lovely" storm on Tuesday evening. As the wind was blowing my car I slowed, as I always do, to take a look at the herd. Something looked odd, then I realized our large shelter was tipped over and the roof was being torn apart by the wind. I'm sure Kelvin was thrilled the next morning.

Thank you once again to all the wonderful volunteers and donors. The horses appreciate it so much more than they could ever say.

Also please make sure to check out:
Horse Showcase: Strathcona Olympiette Center May 25, 2008
Desperate Horsewives present Jo Hikk and Mark Lorenz in concert: May 31, 2008
Pete Knight Arena, Crossfields AB
Doors open at 7:00pm NO MINORS!!

For more information check out the fundraisers section on the Rescue 100 website.

Reminder: Placement applications are now being accepted, check out the Horse Placement page on the Rescue 100 website

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